Friday, 4 November 2011

Legacy W&B App getting a makeover

Hello Legacy W&B users,

A BIG update is around the corner for both iPhone and iPad (although, iPad major update will be just behind the iPhone update). Here's what's coming:

Bug Fix:
For iPad users that have upgraded to iOS5, the popup window when adding passengers will reappear again when the device is rotated.

*New Features*
-ability to choose between 5 different Legacy cabin seating configurations (12,13, 15, and two different 14 seat configurations).
-ability to modify and save the individual ARM values for each of the seating configurations
-keep track of weight and balances by logging them. You can name the log, and it will automatically be populated with all the W&B info that is currently selected.
-Email! Now you can email the W&B info (from the log), complete with the graph and all!
-various other small graphical and performance improvements

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